Friday, May 16, 2014

Photo Contest!!

Contest UPDATE! In celebration of June is Audiobook Month, the winning picture will also receive a copy of Summer Shorts '14, a collection of short stories, poems and essays, in addition to The Insatiable Critic mug! DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JULY 1 AT MIDNIGHT!

My friends Daman and Courtney started a Facebook profile pic trend with "mugshots", a picture of themselves in the act of drinking out of their favorite mug. This gave me an idea, mwhahaha! To get everyone excited about The Insatiable Critic merchandise soon to come, I propose a photo contest! The winner will be the first to get their own Insatiable Critic mug, featuring the site's logo as well as our favorite critic kitty, Sir Toby.

1. Grab your favorite mug.

2. DRINK out of said mug.

3. Take a selfie while doing so.

4. Email the image to with subject line: "The Insatiable Critic Photo Contest"

5. See example below.

I moustache you a question - why don't you enter this contest?
Photos submitted will be compiled into a slideshow that will be presented on the blog unless stated otherwise. If you would prefer NOT to have your photo added to the slideshow, please state that in your email along with your photo submission.  Deadline for images is JULY 1. Get snapping!

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