Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Insatiable Critic Shop is OPEN!

Dear friends,
    I'm so, SO happy to announce that my Cafe Press Shop for this blog is a real thing now. You can get mugs, pins, mousepads - either with the blog's logo, or everyone's favorite Critic Kitteh, Sir Toby himself. The shirts are two-sided - Sir Toby on the front, and the blog's logo on the back, designed by the infinitely talented webcomic artist and graphic designer, Tina Pratt. And just in time for the holidays! (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.) It's a fun way to help keep this blog keep on keepin' on, and to display your geeky pride for your favorite Critic. You can click the button on the sidebar to the right, or just click HERE to get shoppin'!

The first five people to order from the shop will get a choice of a freebie Insatiable Critic bookmark or Critic Kitteh magnet! Thanks so much for your support and helping to keep this blog happening!