Monday, April 8, 2013

In Memoriam: Roger Ebert's funeral held today

Image courtesy of Esquire magazine

 In honor of a fellow critic: the Chicago Tribune did a wonderful writeup this morning about the funeral of Roger Ebert, held this morning. I thought I'd share the link to that news article, as well as a feature I read in 2010 in Esquire magazine entitled  Roger Ebert: The Essential Man. This article really captures the man from all angles, and one of the best journal features I've read, period.

Finally, I also wanted to include a fitting tribute Geeks of New England, a podcast group I've been involved with over the last couple months, had done.

This blog may not exist if it weren't for Mr. Ebert. The best thing about being a writer? Your work gets to live on long after you do and thus, you are never really gone from this world.

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