The Rating System

Guest Critic Kitteh: Jackaroo! 

My friend Debbie, owner of Full Circle Candles, has a wonderfully large and impressive Russian Blue named Jackaroo. He loves to be the center of attention and his favorite hobbies include watching Game of Thrones and knocking things off the counter. He will serve as the interim rating system and couldn't be more delighted to be getting so much attention on the interwebz.






Sir Toby, The Insatiable Critic's valiant sidekick, 2005-2016 

Every good critic needs a good rating system, and stars are so overused. Toby, my friend and companion of over a decade, served as a huge inspiration and perfect critic for this blog since there's nothing on the planet more critical than cats.

Toby's favorite hobbies were watching movies with the Critic, listening to Billy Joel and Sting, and using bad books as a cushion for sleeping. His warm fluffy spirit will continue to inspire my heart and mind for a long time to come.

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