Friends of the Critic

Other awesome people I like to read and listen to, and who support this blog! 


Tina Pratt: Illustrator and comic artist from New Hampshire who designed this blog's logo and overall look and feel. She also happens be funny as hell. 


Be sure to also check out her rad web comics! 

Doors at 8

The Paul Reveres: If the American Revolution were fought as a Battle of the Bands

Front Row Central: A movie review blog that gives you the full experience of the films featured and sports extremely talented writers. 




Ric Meyers: Fellow movie reviewer, writer, and all-around awesome guy

Bookish Belle: Adventures of the Charmingly Odd

 The Study of Anime: The blog of talented panelist and scholar Charles Dunbar




Tavia Gilbert: Voice Actress, Writer, Producer 


 Glam Geek Writes: Deep Thoughts on Writing, Music, Movies and TV by by Libby Cudmore




 Sensei's Anime Gallery: more animation art than you can shake a stick at





Beer Snob: Will Siss gives the weekly rundown on the best of the best of what's on tap - all year round.








And others...

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