Friends of the Critic

Other awesome people I like to read and listen to, and who unfailingly support this blog and the writer behind it! 


Tina Pratt: Illustrator and comic artist from New Hampshire who also happens be funny as hell.  

Be sure to also check out her rad web comics! 

Doors at 8

The Paul Reveres: If the American Revolution were fought as a Battle of the Bands 



Front Row Central: A movie review blog that gives you the full experience of the films featured and sports extremely talented writers. 





Ric Meyers: Fellow movie reviewer, writer, and all-around awesome guy

Bookish Belle: Adventures of the Charmingly Odd 


 The Study of Anime: The blog of talented panelist and scholar Charles Dunbar




Tavia Gilbert: Voice Actress, Writer, Producer; Audie-winning Audiobook Narrator

Xe Sands: Voice Actress and Audie-winning Audiobook Narrator 


 Glam Geek Writes: Deep Thoughts on Writing, Music, Movies and TV by by Libby Cudmore





 Sensei's Anime Gallery: more animation art than you can shake a stick at





Beer Snob: Will Siss gives the best of the best of what's on tap - all year round.








And others...

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